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About us

Bobojobs.com, established in 2021, is an online platform that offers a meeting point for job seekers and recruiters in The United States and Canada. We are currently working in Human Resources, so we know what the industry needs. Our goal is to help businesses to find the right candidate and job seekers to find the right job.


What we offer for Job Seekers:


We know as a job Seeker is not easy to find a job, so we want to help as much as we can by offering Unlimited FREE job applications.


What we offer for Recruiters:


Finding the right candidate for your business is not an easy task. Skillful job seekers are increasingly demanding and it is a real challenge to find the perfect balance between your budget and a service that matches your needs. To make it worse, the current recruitment platforms are increasingly complex and restrictive – causing us, recruiters and HR professionals, to lose days and weeks learning how to “properly” use a tool.

Online visibility is the most important variable for us recruiters.

And it would be just awesome if the tools were simpler to master…


Bobojobs.com: an easier, simpler, and economical alternative


Recognizing these problems and difficulties in the industry, we decided to create a simple and economical alternative for you.

Bobojobs.com has an easy-to-use platform that natively integrates with Google Jobs, which increases the visibility of your job postings by up to 650%.

Bobojobs.com is a website created exclusively for the United States and Canada. This allows us to focus on bringing only the best and relevant candidates to your job postings. Whether you’re a seasonal recruiter, a small business owner, or a multinational corporation, we have a plan that fits your profile and that will surely cost only a fraction of what the competition charges.